Short History of Our Company:

APOGEUS COM SRL was established on May-03-1995, being registered with the Trade Register Office under the number J09/431/1995, having the Unique Identification Number (C.U.I) RO7326374, and having the social headquarters in Braila, no. 38-58, Baldovinesti street.
The main business fields are transportation of general freight by road and manufacturing of soft drinks.
The massive competition following the European integration, as well as the increased quality of services provided by APOGEUS COM SRL involves only people capable to guarantee the application of a viable quality enhancement program and effective environmental protection.
Since we are not the only company in the field, we are constantly trying to be the best, which is not only our teams' motto, but a way of life in itself. Consequently, every service provided will strictly follow the provisions of the law and, implicitly, those of the beneficiaries.
The strong points of our company are: the qualitative value of services, the precise implementation of the latest technologies in accordance with the operational standardized technological conditions. Our staff is preoccupied with producing hygienic products. Therefore, we are interested in adequately equipping our company according to the requirements of the European norms.

    General objectives of APOGEUS COM SRL

  • presence on the Romanian market as one of the most credible companies in our field
  • continued and effective provision of quality products at competitive prices for all our clients by focusing primarily on the quality and the safety of our products, emphasizing the latter without neglecting the former
  • continued market research and monitoring in order to obtain data which allow adjustment of the strategy for the immediate market requirements; therefore, marketing research and its analysis will provide the data that will ensure operational solutions ready to be integrated in managerial decisions
  • development of production activities by creating new products complying with the clients' demands by a qualitative and quantitative increase of existing products and by re-technologization
  • income rate increase by regional expansion (followed by distribution at national level), by diversifying and continuously adapting the production and by making income-generating activities more efficient
  • obtaining an optimal margin of profit which will allow for on-going development of the activities, loan repayments, and staff motivation
  • market emergence, reinforcement of our position on the market and permanent opening towards new markets
  • strategic planning of human resources by specific professional training activities for a continuous improvement of work conditions and minimizing the physical effort; such requirements are meant to ensure loyalty and dedication of the employees and to reduce the incidence of labor migration
  • client-oriented activities, which imply keeping the clients informed, transparency, involvement and training towards beverage consumption for health purposes
  • advertising our own brand: VITAFRESH, ALEMA, DORAQUA.
  • promoting the company products within the big supermarkets (Carrefour).
  • meeting marketing requirements in accordance with its functions: market research and analysis of the clients' needs, integration of the company within the dynamics of the business environment, optimal fulfillment of needs, enhancing economic efficiency by optimizing the profit
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